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Compaction of very dry and lean concrete by vibratory rollers is one of the recent developments. Concrete compacted by this method is known as Roller Compaction Concrete. This method of concrete com­paction was developed in Japan and spread to USA and other countries mainly for the construction of dams and pavements.

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May 18, 2021· Tremie method :-A tremie is a water tight pipe, having approx. 250 mm is diameter, having a tunnel shaped hopper at its upper end and loose plug at the bottom or discharge end.During concreting air, water must be excluded from the tremie by keeping the pipe full of concrete all the time, and for this reason the capacity of the hopper should be at least equal to that of tremie pipe.

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Underwater Concreting By Tremie Method. Underwater Concreting: The degradation of concrete under water is a serious and troublesome matter. Underwater concreting is necessarily adopted in marine works and in deep foundations. Due to …. Read more.

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Jan 05, 2015· Tremie • The most satisfactory method of placing concrete under water is by the use of tremie pipe. • In this method, a tramie pipe of 200 mm to 250 mm diameter is used. The length of pipe can be easily increased or decreased by using couplings. A funnel is provided at the top end pipe to facilitate pouring of concrete.

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Bucket Placing method Underwater concreting. The main disadvantage of the bucket method is the difficulty in keeping the top surface of the placed concrete reasonably level. The method permits the use of slightly stiffer concrete than does the tremie method. Pre-placed Aggregate Method

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Oct 12, 2016· Tremie method A tremie is a watertight pipe. Generally 250mm in dia. Funnel shaped hopper at its upper end and a loose plug at the bottom. It is supported on a working platform above water level. 4. Method of tremie concreting A tremie pipe of 200mm to 250mm diameter is used. The length of pipe can be easily increased or deceased by using coupling.


Oct 25, 2018· 31 Dec Underwater Concreting By Tremie Method: In this method, a long steel pipe ( named as tremie) having a diameter of 15 to 30 cm is inserted into. 6 Apr Tremie method is the most acceptable method of concreting under water. In this method a tremie …

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Once the reinforcement is placed, the concrete is poured into the trench with the help of tremie pipes. The use of tremie pipes helps to avoid segregation of concrete. The poured concrete replaces the bentonite clay in the trench. The density of bentonite is low compared to concrete hence is replaced during the concreting.

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Tremie Method. Underwater concreting by the tremie process is ideal for pouring vast amounts of strong flowable concrete. The concrete is delivered to the hopper by either injection, belt conveyor or skips. Tremie tubing, which is attached to the upper end of a hopper and constantly immersed in fresh concrete, is used to bring concrete from a ...

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The tremie method of pouring concrete is often used during bridge construction, or to set piles needed to support footers and foundations in water or unstable soil. First, contractors build a standard form out of metal or composite materials. This form must match the size and shape of the object being constructed.

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Another method of placing underwater concrete with minimum loss is the tremie process (Contractor Method). The concrete is placed directly through a 20 – 40 cm diameter pipe into and through the concrete already installed. The pipe is raised continuously, but the bottom end must always remain sufficiently submerged in the concrete to prevent ...

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6.4 Tremie Spacing 6.5 Initial Concrete Placement 6.6 Tremie Embedment 6.7 Concrete Flow Mechanisms 6.8 Flow around Reinforcement and Box-Outs 6.9 Concreting Records 7. Full Scale Trials 8. Quality Control of Completed Works 8.1 General 8.2 Post-Construction Testing Methods 9 Numerical Modelling of Concrete Flow 9.1 Introduction 9.2 Studies ...

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Apr 02, 2021· Methods of Underwater Concreting. Following are the methods of underwater concreting: 1. Tremie Method of Underwater Concreting. Underwater concreting using tremie method is convenient for pouring large amount of high flowable concrete. The concrete is moved to the hopper by either pumping, belt conveyer or skips.


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Tremie method is the most acceptable method of concreting underwater. In this method, a tremie pipe is inserted in the water up to the point where concrete is going to be placed. Generally, the diameter of a tremie pipe varies from 20 cm to 30 cm. Depending upon the depth of concreting underwater we can add more tremie pipe by coupling it with ...


Apr 01, 2015· The pipe should be concreted wholly by tremie and the method of deposition should not be changed midway to prevent laitance. If due to some reason any interruption happens while concreting, then it should be resumed within 1 or 2 hours, but the tremie pipe should not be removed out of the concrete.

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Tremie concrete refers to placement by gravity feed from a hopper through a vertical pipe extending for above the surface to the underwater floor. As concrete flows from the bottom of the pipe, more is added to the hopper so that the tremie pipe is continuously charged with fresh mix. The major aim in underwater concreting is to place the mix ...


TREMIE METHOD OF UNDERWATER CONCRETING PDF. 31 Dec Underwater Concreting By Tremie Method: In this method, a long steel pipe ( named as tremie) having a diameter of 15 to 30 cm is inserted into. Although there are various methods for applying concrete underwater, the tremie underwater concreting method is among the best methods of placing a large.

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May 30, 2016· Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations. When manufacturing concrete for deep foundations, not only slump matters! This video shows how bad concrete can be in some projects. The EFFC and the DFI have prepared an excellent document about Tremie Concrete for deep foundations. See the scope and the download link below the video.

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Tremie method is a way of placing concrete using gravity as the main driving force. Tremie method mainly consists of an impermeable, rigid pipe (also known as tremie) which is suspended vertically through the water. Tremie method has been a reliable method for engineers of placing high-quality concrete. Its main advantage is that concrete can ...

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May 30, 2021· Underwater concreting process involves placing concrete under the water. It includes lowering the concrete, transferring the mix to the underwater floor, laying aggregate, grouting and pumping concrete directly into place. Tremie method is a type of underwater concreting that is used to establish a seal before the initial pour of the concrete.

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Concrete for tremie placement should have a very high slump of about 150 mm to 200 mm. Tremie Concrete mix •Special mix with plasticizer •High slump concrete with set retarders •Smaller aggregate sizes •Four-hour workability •Designed for placemen...

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There are many methods of doing underwater concreting . According to me Tremie method is much preferred. Tremie Concrete is done by using a formwork/pipe which will have one end of the pipe above water and other bottom end immersed under the water...

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Methods of Underwater concrete: 1.Tremie method: Tremie pipe is a satisfactory method of underwater concreting, diameter tremie pipe is about 20 cm. A funnel is mounted at the top end to facilitate concrete pouring, the lower end of the pipe is closed with a plug or thick polythene sheet.

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Jun 30, 2012· This is a method on how to place concrete underwater, this method place a big role in offshore concreting, since cement looses its strength and fade away under water, Tremie method is to be used. Tremie Concrete is done by using a formwork/pipe which will have one end of the formwork/pipe above water and other bottom end immersed under the ...

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The concrete shall be placed by tremie tube method, the tremie size will not be less than 150 mm. The tremie pipe is made up of sections with sufficient length to reach the toe of the pile and the joints provided with seals. The tremie pipe will be inserted at the center of the pile to reach upto the toe.