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The population of Pearce increased to some 1500 residents. Like other mining towns, Pearce was not always a peaceful place, as miners and cowboys made their way to the new boom town. Though never as lawless as Tombstone, Pearce needed a constable and in 1896 hired George Bravin, who in turn, hired a tough deputy named Burton Alvord.

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The Pearce Post Office was established on March 6, 1896. The railroad station opened in 1903. By 1919, Pearce had a population of 1,500. The town declined in the 1930s, and became almost a ghost town in the late 1940s, when the mine closed for the last time. The Commonwealth Mine became one of Arizona's major silver producers.

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Pearce is named for Cornishman James (Jimmie) Pearce, a rancher and hard rock miner from Tombstone who accidentally found gold AND silver while horseback riding in 1894. Jimmie immediately staked a claim, opening the Commonwealth Mine in Fittsburg, a mile east, said to be one of the richest mines ever worked in the state, producing over 15 million dollars in gold.

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Pearce History. In 1895 James Pearce discovered gold and set into motion the people who would turn this soon to be mining camp into the town of Pearce. The Common-Wealth Mine was one of the richest in Arizona and was known far and wide. And it and the town would be forever linked, for richer or poorer.

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Pearce, Arizona. The Commonwealth Mine is near Pearce, Arizona. Historically the site has been associated with the Pearce Mining District which is now part of the Coronado National Forest. The site was first discovered in 1895 by John Pearce. The Commonwealth Mine is a surface mining operation. Initial production took place in 1895 and overall ...

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There was quite a mining boom on, and almost any showing of ore was an excuse for the sale of the claim or a mine. Promoters were numerous, who used to build mills whether the ore in sight justified such a move or not; after which they would sell the "mine", often at an enormous profit.

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May 15, 2019· 1847 – Andre Dumont, Belgian mine engineer (Limburg's coal basin) 1847 – Stephanus J du Toit, South Africa theologist/journalist (Afr Bond) Chemist and Nobel Laureate Hermann Emil Fischer(1852) 1852 – Hermann Emil Fischer, Euskirchen, Rhine Province, chemist, Nobel Prize laureate, (d. …

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Geographic coordinates. Geographic coordinates: -109.81509, 31.90069 (WGS84) Elevation. 1396. Relative position. 1/2 MI E OF PEARCE. Political divisions (FIPS codes) Cochise (county)

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The Kingman Gold maps cover a vast area from Kingman, Arizona to Boulder City, Nevada to Goldsprings, California. There are many gold sites located around the old and historical mining town of Oatman, Arizona. These in depth gold maps shows the gold …

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Pearce. About 27 miles south of Wilcox is Pearce one of the best historic ghost towns in the area. Like many other ghost towns in Southern Arizona, Pearce was founded in the 1890s, peaked about 20 years later, and died by the late 1930s to early 1940s. There are a number of ruins in Pearce, including the jail.

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Commonwealth Mine. Pearce declined that offer because the Brockman's down payment was not enough. Early in 1896, Brockman was allowed to work the shaft and the results were so promising that he quickly offered $250,000 cash. John Pearce accepted the offer. The boom town of Pearce grew up near the mine.

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Photo Description. Built in 1896, the Soto Bros. and Renaud Store was in competition with a mercantile run by John G. Smith. Renaud became sole owner of the store in 1901, successfully operating the store until it sold to Albert Rothe. The two story adobe structure was built with cedar and redwood beams. The cast metal facade was added to the ...

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Pearce and Fittsburg - Arizona Ghost Town. PEARCE and FITTSBURG. Pearce's post office was established March 6, 1896 and has not been discontinued. The Commonwealth mine was the mainstay of Pearce, discovered by Cornishmen Jimmie Pearce. The population of Pearce raced to 1500 residents. Pearce even had its own motion picture theater.

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"Bisbee No Good for Chinaman" – Richard Stokes Dos Cabezas – Kay Gregor Taped Interview Program at the Bisbee Civic Center and Mining and Historical Museum – Roger N. Weller Cowboy Garb and How It Grew – Erma Laux 11 --VOL. 4, No. 1 March 1974 O/P Sweet Adaline – Gladys E. Dunham

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Goldminers Rv & Mobile home park, located in the Pearce/Sunsites area, just minutes from I-10, Benson, and Wilcox on Highway 191 South at mile post 49.5 (less than 90 minutes from Tucson). Our climate is temperate year round and because we are at an elevation of 4200 feet, we are cooler than Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma during the summer.

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Dec 27, 2017· Tulley, James, d. 1881, "Killed", Tully was a miner employed by the Grand Central Mining Co. To avoid being crushed as the cage shot upward toward the timbers overhead, Tully jumped and fell 250 feet to the bottom of the shaft. Van Houten, d. 1879, "Murdered", Beaten in the face with a rock until he died, due to a dispute over a mining ...

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Mar 22, 2014· Thus was born Pearce, the last of the Arizona gold rush towns. The Pearce family quickly lost their enthusiasm for mining though and before long had sold to John Brockman for $250,000 and a boarding house for Mrs. Pearce to run. The agreement was that Brockman had nine months to mine enough precious metal to cover the cost of purchase or ...