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Back. IBC Spill Containment Bund 1100L plastic spill pallet, $1,420.00ea + GST. Spill control and containment of chemical leaks using this s econdary containment bunding pallet, made from, UV, Chemical & Stress crack resistant polyethylene plastic. Add this to your spill kit today

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IBC Containers Intermediate Bulk Containers. These IBC or Intermediate Bulk Containers are used for storing hazardous chemicals and pollutants. With our range of stainless steel Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), we can provide solutions to meet the highest …

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ITEM TO BE BUNDED: BUND/SPILL CONTAINMENT TYPE BUND - "A secondary enclosure, typically consisting of a wall or berm which surrounds a tank or fluid-handling mechanism, intended to contain any spills or leaks" Bunding, also called a bund wall, is the area within a structure designed to prevent inundation or breaches of various types.

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Spill containment bunds. Sui Generis bunds are suitable for all oils and 95% of chemicals. They are available in a range of prefabricated sizes – or can be custom-made to your specifications. Designed for most IBC sizes, our IBC bunds are made from an extra-tough, reinforced composite material. And because they're lighter than steel or ...

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The Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus provides economical and portable spill containment for IBCs, tanks and other large containers. A 365-gallon containment sump helps meet EPA and SPCC spill containment regulations. All polyethylene construction provides excellent chemical compatibility and forklift pockets makes it easy to move.

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IBC spill pallets are ideal for bunding 1000 litre pods. These spill pallets are also know as IBC (intermediate bulk container) bunds or bulki box bunds. Varieties range from single to double IBC capacity, plus galvanised and modular options are available. Custom-made IBC spill pallets are available, please conatct us for further information.

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The IBC bund also known as an IBC spill pallet has become ever more increasingly popular over the last 20 years. They are designed to capture a minimum of 1100 Litres of liquid in the event of an IBC failure, and in doing so comply with all liquid storage regulations.

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Store Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) safely with a Stratex bunded spill pallet. These IBC spill bunds are a convenient solution for environmental protection compliance. Use them as bunded chemical storage, or as oil bunds to prevent spills in your workplace. Low height for ease of use (700mm) Stackable – space saving, innovative ...


POLYETHYLENE IBC SPILL CONTAINMENT (BUND) IBC Spill containment moulded from medium density polyethylene and complies with 110% bund regulations. All suitable for 1000 litre IBC's. Suitable for many chemicals. Please state your chemical with enquiry so we can confirm suitability. 3 year manufacturers Guarantee.

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Internal Chemical Storage We offer a range of bunds to provide spillage protection for 1000 litre IBC tanks, in both plastic and steel construction. Plastic IBC Bund IBC Enclosures Moulded polyethylene bunds with heavy duty metal enclosures to provide security and weather protection. Ventilated side panels. Pad lockable doors.

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IBC Bunded Pallet Model: IBC-1000 Dimensions: 1600x1580x700 mm Brand: RXSY ® Dynamic Load: 1500 kg Static Load: 2800 kg Sump Capacity: 1150 Litre Entry: 2-Way (Forklift & Manual Jack) Style: IBC Spill Pallet with Drain Meets EPA, SPCC and NPDES regulations

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Applications. Customers use IBC bunds to safely store chemicals both indoors and outdoors. They are used as a means of protection for stored chemicals as they provide a physical barrier from vehicle collisions and other impacts as well as a secondary containment to mitigate the impact of a chemical spill.

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IBC spill containment bunds. IBC spill pallets are a safe and secure containment solution to bund 1000 litre bulk containers. These spill pallets are also know as IBC (intermediate bulk container) bunds or bulki box bunds. Varieties range between single or double IBC capacity, with robust poly or heavy duty powder-coated steel construction ...

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Store Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) safely with a Stratex bunded spill pallet. These IBC spill bunds are a convenient solution for environmental protection compliance. Use them as bunded chemical storage, or as oil bunds to prevent spills in your …

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They include IBC bunds, which when constructed for movement by forklift trucks are often referred to as pallet bunds. Chemical dosing plants supplied as packaged solutions often have an integrated bund which may also form the base structure and support a kiosk-type cover. Pallet bunds conveniently protect against spillage from IBCs

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190 × 150 × 75 cm. Capacity. 1150 litres. Details. Specifications. Downloads. Videos. Store up to one IBC (intermediate bulk containers) on this containment bund to capture leaks, drips and spills. These containment bunds are also known as spill pallets and have been designed by Australians in Australia for our unique and harsh conditions.

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Pallets help you comply with current oil and chemical storage regulations. 1 x IBC Bund, Spill Pallet or Sump Pallet Spill Containment 1570 1670 650 10 Year Guarantee ... IBC Bund Spill Pallets catch leaks, drips and spills to help you comply with current oil and chemical storage regulations, and keep your storage areas clean. ...

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IBC Spill Pallets for corrosives. Safely stores all 1000L IBC types without need for additional pallet supports. Medium Density Polyethylene "one-piece" construction. High chemical resistance. Next day delivery on all units. All units are fully tested and certified. …

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Our Range of IBC Containment Pallets. We have a wide range of IBC spill bunds to meet your storage requirements. We have metal and polyethylene bunding that have capacities of up to 1,250 litres. Our metal IBC containers are zinc-plated to ensure long-term use and corrosion resistance. As for our poly bunds, they come with a fibreglass grating ...

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Home Spill Management Larger Spill Containment Jumbo IBC Bund. Perfect for use when storing any form of chemical, oil or other liquid in an IBC The Jumbo IBC Bund has been designed to help protect the workplace, its personnel and the immediate surrounding environment.

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Spill & Environment. Spill Pallets & Bunds. Sort by price Lowest to highest Highest to lowest. MaxBund Hardcover 2 Drum Bunded Pallet. 24086. $3436.18. Details. MaxBund IBC Double Bulk Containment Bund - 1000 Litre. 24082.

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BB2 Double IBC Spill Pallet Bund With Removable Deck. £631.95 (Ex. VAT) £758.34 (Inc. VAT) This BB2 double IBC spill pallet bund accommodates 2 x 1000 litre IBCs or 8 x 205ltr drums side by side on a plastic grid mesh deck which can easily be removed for access to the sump.

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Spill Hut's bunds are designed to collect any drips, spills or leaks from oil and chemical IBC's. By containing the waste spillages, we prevent hazardous chemicals from entering and infecting nearby water supplies or drainage. IBC bunds also prevent damages to flooring caused by pools of chemicals and oil spills.

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Polymaster's unique Enclosed IBC Bund solves many of the problems associated with IBC storage and chemical/fluid decanting in a weather-resistant, purpose-built enclosure. Constructed from high-grade polyethylene material, the Polymaster Enclosed IBC Bund allows for easy forklift movement of IBC's in/out, with simple connection made to a ...

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Full range of IBC spill pallets, bunds, covers and galvanised storage cabinets that will safely store 2-4 IBCs. In order to comply with current oil and chemical storage regulations you need to keep your storage areas clean and safe by using IBC spill pallets and bunds to catch leaks, drips and spills. | IBC Bund | IBC Spillpallets | Drum Spill ...

EVO CUSHIONS 35cm x 30cm, Boxed. £49.26. Bund Pallet - 2 Drum - SpillCentre. £215.75. 90L Bin Oil and Fuel Spill Kit Refill - SpillCentre. £48.79. Flexible Tray for 14 x 20L Containers - D 102cm x 102cm x 5cm - SpillCentre. £63.18. Double IBC Spill Pallet Galvanised Steel, Bund 164kg Weight Held - …

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For spill kits, oil spill equipment, fuel spill clean up, chemical spills, spill containment, spill equipment, spill safety, drum bunds, containment booms see Perth Petroleum Services. IBC (Bulki Box) Bunds : Hard Top Cover & IBC Base Bund